Baron and Merida in boys years Baron Hungarian Show Champion 2017
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East European Shepherd
1996 - 2018
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VEO - Runa Baron and Merida in boys years VEO - Baron Veo - Baron
We coeur de lion d'hongie FCI registered No. 667/08  Here you are at the right address. Xenia Blem (Moser) and Volker Blem, who have been breeding for more than 12 years, are competent/experienced breeders of VEOs Vostochno Evropeiskaya, Ovcharka, Oost Europese Herdershonden, Eastern European Shepherd Dog, Kelet Európai Juhászkutya, Berger de l'est d'europe, Cairn Terrier and formerly also Great Dane.  We are at your disposal for any questions or suggestions. VEO - OES - EES - Schäferhund....  Wikipedia
East European Shepherds EES
We keep our dogs in the house.  If we sell our puppies, they will be vaccinated, chipped get their pedigree and an international passport. We like to lay the emphasis by breeding a Dog who is healthy and suitable for families.  You will see us on a show now and then, but having a champion is not everything.  Of course we are proud, when one of our dogs wins something, but we are not dissapointed if we do not collect cups.  If we are looking for the perfect match for one of our bitches, we are not interested in titles.  What we are looking for is: “does the bodyshape fit to my bitch?  What about the character?  What about the healthtests? Our dogs can run and play in our garden wich has 1,8 Ha.  They know cats, Great Danes and Cairn Terriers. Every potential buyer can come (after appointment) to see our farm and look how our animals live. Some might ask themself why after Great Danes and Cairn Terrier now a VEO, but  next to our great Danes, we always had German Shepherds, in fact they were already there before them.  And that for about 45 years!  When our first European Shepherd Rex died at the age of 11 in 2009, we were devastated! The pain in our heart never healt. When the 5th year of Rex’s death got near, I suddenly saw a dog who could have been a twin to our Rex.  We were astonished.  Actually we wanted to wait much longer till we’d welcome a new familymember, but we got a feeling that got stronger each day and so we asked the breeder if perhaps there would be  little girl availbale.  The result to our question was Runa!!!
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